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A Thousand Seeds of Joy by Ananda Karunesh

A Thousand Seeds of Joy review book lab
A Thousand Seeds of Joy
Ananda Karunesh
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A Thousand Seeds of Joy is a book which will be interesting to many and meaningless to some... this book demands dedication on the part of readers and also knowledge of basic level in the domain of Indian religious history.

A Thousand Seeds of Joy by a well-known healer and practitioner of Zen Awakening, Ananda Karunesh is the latest book that I have finished. While I read the book only after reading a few of the well-known book reviewers in India, I do have my personal opinion to share. My reading was certainly impressed with the reviews that I read. However, it was not influenced in any of the possible ways; and my opinions are not the same (exactly) to theirs. Nevertheless, most of them are right in saying that the book by Ananda Karunesh is none of the business of those readers who are mostly caught reading casual fiction or very light thrillers for momentary pleasure (that they are entitled to do). A Thousand Seeds of Joy is a book for the people with the spiritual inclination or at least for the ones who have open space for new knowledge.

The USP:
In this book, whatever you read is a conversation between two Indian (Hinduism) Goddesses, Lakshmi and Saraswati and the author Ananda Karunesh. Yes, a man has talked to the Goddesses!

The Tour:
To talk about the content of the book, it does what most of the books in this category do. It takes the readers on a joyride and tells them that everything in this world can be seen with a glass through which you see only smiles and positivity. Well, it would really be nice, won’t it? Further, the book also takes the readers into the glorious and versatile world of Indian religious history – Gods and Goddesses. Readers get to know about Sita’s journey, Draupadi’s life and the lessons which can be drawn from the ancient days. Not only that, the author has also discussed the Western holy ladies – Eve and Mary with our Goddesses. There are the points where this book seems to be functioning very well as a light-bearer and reflecting the ways which can be implemented in our daily lives to make our life better and better. At times, the A Thousand Seeds of Joy, our subject, also becomes complex enough for the general readers (as told earlier) and they might have to take a look into their reference materials.

The Verdict by Book Reviews Lab:
This is a book which demands effort from the readers. You cannot read it and be happy that you read a book; you have to read it only if you want to think… However, Ananda Karunesh has made it very easy and convenient for the determined readers who want to read it – clarity in the sentences and lightness in the words most of the times! So, who can read it? Anyone who wants a second opinion on the things he or she does not know very well – religion, spirituality, feminism in the truest terms, reasons to be happy and sad, how to enjoy the human existence, and various other domains we often hesitate to tread into… moreover, how can someone ignore something that is claimed to be coming from Saraswati and Lakshmi herself?

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review by Rahul Anand for Book Reviews Lab

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