Indian English Novels – some to forget – some to remember

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How many times did you say wow when you read something wonderful? Or, have you got a chance to read something as wonderful as wow recently? Indian English novels are going in a different direction. Most of these recent works are solely based on certain ideas – romance, explicit romance, implicit romance or sexual fantasy. However, some of them are still focused on quality themes. But, the number of quality novels based on quality themes is not very encouraging and that’s why these novels seldom hit your conscious unless you search for something serious to read. 

I have read many novels this year. However, some of them were so imitative that I forgot them instantly after dropping the book on my table. Nevertheless, a few of them, very few in number, you can say 2 out of 24, were certainly something that makes you think – think about various things. I remember reading Ravi Dabral’s debut work, Greed Lust Addiction. This novel I read back in May 2019. However, the memories are still fresh as well as the themes still reflect very fresh in my mind. The reasons are very clear that made this author one among the best crime thriller novelists in India – he did not limit his content. Ravi Dabral’s theme is balanced with a message that the readers get and an entertaining story that readers read. His novel is certainly something to read and enjoy and also think about the ideas mentioned. 

The second novel was Amish Tripathi’s Ravana that has released recently – two months ago perhaps. This novel plays around the idea of Ramayana but gives the story twists and turns. You can read it as Ravana’s perspective that we often miss or ignore or just don’t want to explore. However, Amish, with his skills and art of fiction, has told the readers the story of Ravana and it makes us conscious – when excess is bad, we must not cross that limit. Raavan: Enemy of Aryavarta, is a good and also a considerable novel. 

Many other novels that I have read certainly make you think while you read them but just leave you free out of their grips when you are finished with reading. There is nothing to remember or nothing even to discuss – how long will you discuss a kiss? Such a situation is not good for Indian English literature in the long run and these modern authors must think about adding their meaningful contribution rather than adding these limited potential whiskers. 

Article by Subhash for Book Reviews Lab 

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