Tips to consider before you go for self-publishing in India

Self Publishing company in India

Self-publishing has become new normal in the country as well as the world. Writers who are convinced about their writing skills are not backing off from self-publishing their works. In other words, the authors who self-publish their books are backing their own writing which publishers are denying to invest upon. Is it right? Traditional publishing has actually shrunk itself to mere propaganda, popularity, money or something that the common people cannot assure by themselves – advantage to the publishing company. Suppose Shah Rukh Khan publishing a book with Penguin and the book not selling more than 5,000 copies – if this happens, it will be an insult to Shah Rukh Khan because he is a big name. So, the author will do anything possible to make his copies sell. And, in all of this, the ultimate advantage will rest with the publishers – a lot of money. Therefore, the biggest reason behind denying the common authors their debut or a life-changing book traditional publishing is the same – how to make money more and more?

Now, self-publishing in India has changed the game. There are many and many authors who are self-publishing their books and actually going good as well. However, we must remember that many authors who self-publish their books don’t perform that well because of their content. An urge to publishing one’s ambition has helped many big and small-time publishers in India. It has become a battle of perceptions now – he is a published author!

Authors should be careful when choosing a company to self-publish their books. There are many companies in India that offer this option. Even the traditional publishers have taken the garb of other names to launch their self-publishing platforms and lure the authors who are not ready to face repeated rejection letters. So, how to choose the best? How to find the best self-publishing company in India? The answer is very simple – the company that lets you publish your books at the lowest price and lets you know how can you spend the rest of your big budget. You can try Ashvamegh Publication if you are looking for some low budget self-publishing or honest publishing plan with loaded marketing as well. This company is new into the world of self-publishing but has entered into it with a dedicated team for marketing, distribution and publishing. They also offer quick publishing services with an assurance of bringing a title out in just 27 days!


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