Elephants in the Room book review lab

Elephants in the Room – Suraj Laxminarayanan

Elephants in the Room is the debut novel by emerging novelist Suraj Laxminarayanan. He has been contemplating and making this novel perfect for the last four years and it is finally here – a novel by him! With this debut, the novelist has announced his arrival as a serious author writing true crime novels. Hang on, not only that, the author has also thrown his hat in the ring with a sure conviction – he has written almost 600 pages in his debut novel and these pages describe events which spread only up to 4 days; so, what do you think, readers? Surj Laxminarayanan has tried his best to offer an unconventional but interesting piece of fiction in his very first attempt and we need to read this carefully…

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Is Goodreads Useful for Authors?

How to get reviews on Goodreads

Goodreads has emerged as one of the largest (in fact, the largest) platform in the world for book lovers. On Goodreads, a reader can not only find the next good book to read but many other things. Readers can connect with other readers across the world and they can also interact directly with their favourite authors. For a reader, if

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A Thousand Seeds of Joy by Ananda Karunesh

A Thousand Seeds of Joy review book lab
A Thousand Seeds of Joy
Ananda Karunesh
Path of Joy Books

A Thousand Seeds of Joy is a book which will be interesting to many and meaningless to some... this book demands dedication on the part of readers and also knowledge of basic level in the domain of Indian religious history.

A Thousand Seeds of Joy by a well-known healer and practitioner of Zen Awakening, Ananda Karunesh is the latest book that I have finished. While I read the book only after reading a few of the well-known book reviewers in India, I do have my personal opinion to share. My reading was certainly impressed with the reviews that I read.

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Indicting Goliath – Review

Indicting Goliath review
Indicting Goliath
Lal Bhatia
Notion Press
July 2018

Lal Bhatia's Indicting Goliath is a book based on the true events which he has lived in the USA - the prison, the torture, the injustice. This book will let the readers know how the USA tried to cover a billion dollar money-laundering case and falsely accuse and punish the whistleblower in turn! A must-read book which does not lack in thrill and excitement despite being a non-fiction.

Title – Indicting Goliath
Written by – Lal Bhatia
Publisher – Notion Press
Year of publication – 2018
Pages – 278
Genre – autobiographical
Ideal Read for – readers interested in reading real stories or real people’s life-struggles
Rating – 5/5 stars!
Instant Review – unmissable!

Very few are the books which instantly touch the underlying layers of your consciousness and you just set yourself to read the book

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Making a Poem by Vihang Naik – review

Making a Poem Vihang review
Making a Poem
Vihang Naik

The collection Making a Poem is a well-balanced game of poetry played by Vihang, an experienced player of words. This is there to be enjoyed by the regular poetry readers as well as occasional ones. It will suit the readership of all...

Vihang Naik’s latest poetry collection, Making a Poem, is a quick meal for the poetry lovers because it does not take more than an hour (for the slowest reader in the line) to read. There are 25 short poems in the collection and all of them are dedicated to poetry, perspectives of poetry and the creator of poetry, a poet.

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A Dowryless Wedding by Merlin Franco

A Dowryless Wedding review book lab
A Dowryless Wedding
Merlin Franco
21 June 2018

A perfect pack with humour, satire, seriousness and social problems dealt with a casual attitude as if he does not want to show how to solve them but just wants to show them to us - the readers. Merlin Franco has been successful in bringing out callous laughter on the faces of his readers in his very debut attempt at fiction writing and he has done well - accept it!

Review by Ishant for Book Reviews Lab

Book – A Dowryless Wedding
Author – Merlin Franco
Publisher – authorsUPFRONT
First Published – 2018
Pages – 225
Ideal for – readers with a taste for sarcasm and humour
Merlin Franco’s debut venture in the field of writing has been very fruitful for him and very interesting for the readers, to be frank. A Dowryless Wedding made me smile as well as laugh… more than

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The Gunpowder Prince – Michael Archer

The Gunpowder Prince Review 1
The Gunpowder Prince
Michael Archer
E Book

A book which will let the readers be known about the hero Captain Mirza Munir Baig who led the US Marine Corps to a victory in the Khe Sanh battle... The Gunpowder Prince is a suitable book for those who love reading war history books...

Michael Archer’s latest book, The Gunpowder Prince, tells the rarely told story of US Marine Captain Mirza Munir Baig who not only saved the lives of a few thousand US Army personnel but also won the battle of Khe Sanh against the NVA during the historical Vietnam War during which lasted very long, almost two decades. In this book, Michael

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American Maharajah by Mark Stephen Levy

American Maharajah novel review
American Maharajah
Mark Stephen Levy
January 10, 2018

Somewhere between legend and reality... myth and truth... love and faith... American Maharajah is a novel which will keep the readers hooked and entertained... do read this fiction to have a wonderful reading experience.

Book – American Maharajah
Author: Mark Stephen Levy
Publisher: White Falcon Publishing
Year – 2018
Review by – Ranjit

American Maharajah is a novel by Mark Stephen Levy which has been published in 2018. This is a unique work of fiction by an American author which keeps Indian readers involved with the imagination and elements very close to reality because the things mentioned in the

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