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V S Sury
October 31, 2015

Jestus on Rampage is an unconventional novel which will make you laugh as well as think...

The 2015 novel by V. S. Sury, Jestus on Rampage, is a work which brings out the satiric style of humorous writing in the best of the forms to the readers. This is a work which eulogizes the unusual feats achieved by the central protagonist named Jestus who has many other names for many other occasions. This is a full-length novel which offers the moments of laughter in abundance and serious moments of pondering in plenty as well. The style of writing matches the style of anti-hero created in the novel – it’s in fragments and a chaotic narrative further compels the readers to think beyond the usual fiction – what did I read?

Jestus who is also known as Bagdenborg is a professor who is popular among the students of NG University because of an unconventional approach to teaching as well as his incomparable knowledge in various fields. He knows many languages including Sanskrit and he knows different subjects in detail. His understanding of the subjects and his command over the issues which others fear to engage often puts others in a state of aphrasia.

Jestus on Rampage, as a novel, has many things to offer to the readers. There are the instances which will make you feel that the author has put on the humorous attire which is actually sarcastic and he wishes to let the readers know the real meaning of this life through the witty-cum-humorous actions and words of the professor Jestus who is also a problem for the society which thinks is rational enough to have this ‘irrational being’ killed because they think Bagdenborg is a ‘bad influence’ on them.

“In the long, long journey of the soul on this earth, a lifetime too is a small duration, like that of a one-night’s dream. We meet, depart and some of us may meet again…”

You will find many dialogues in the novel which will make you think if V. S. Sury has some other purpose in the novel as well, other than making us laugh and think…

Nevertheless, I am leaving things aside for the readers to decide themselves after reading this unusual fiction which takes various shapes at times and as we develop among the pages. I will say only one thing that the novel is unconventionally very well written and it offers us the read of a lifetime and sometimes the read of a moment… you might have mood swings reading the novel! Believe me! And then, the novel has a plot which keeps you engaged and captures your attention to read further. The theme, this is serious, is something that I cannot comment so surely on this. It is wide enough to be comprehended by merely writing. You have to read the novel to understand why I am unable to comment on the theme of the work Jestus on Rampage.

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