Choosing books for your reading list

how to choose books for reading

Every now and then, we must be feeling like reading something and enjoying what we read. However, sometimes, we select the wrong titles and our reading, instead of pleasure, turns to be an enduring pain which is nowhere pleasant. So, how to select the titles? How to be sure that your reading will be fun and interesting and not a mark of pensive hours? Let’s try to find out some of the ways of choosing the perfect titles for your reading hours. The ideas we collected here have all been shared by the most amazing persons who are known to be the readers at large.

“If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.” – Oscar Wilde

Do you get the message? It’s loud and clear. You should only read the books which are worthy of your time and interest. You should not invest your time, energy and money as well in the books which are considered as one-time reads only. These books have no literary value at all and they are meant for the casual readers who just do the reading job once in a blue moon. However, some of them are exceptionally good as well! We have found some of the one-time reads which are having the qualities which make them stand out and read-worthy. So, you should read these books if you are fully convinced by the author profile and the blurb.

There is no debate about reading fiction or non-fiction! You can read anything you like. If you like reading fiction, you should be reading that; if you love reading non-fiction, you can well read that very much. However, the major concern should be the quality of your said titles. You must first assure yourself about the opinions of the readers who can be trusted. Nevertheless, one cannot assure us or dissuade us from reading a book or not reading a book. Our individual wisdom also comes to play very much.

Reading is always a good habit and reading really makes us better persons. However, the choice of your bookshelf also says much about your personality. Therefore, always be careful and wise when you are shopping for books. That’s not so easy as people often make it or think it to be. Also, you can think about buying the books on Sundays so that you have enough time to judge the ones by their covers and their blurbs… All the best with your reading job!

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