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Poetry readers, don’t you see a treat coming your way these days when it’s a matter of poetry? We have things falling in line because we have just got to read a very good poetry collection entitled The Lonely Drummers and Other Poems – the one that has been authored by a newcomer in poetry – Abhishek Goswami. The poetry collection offers 35 very well-written poems which include some of the tales in verse as well. Decorated with a long poem in 5 parts, The Blue Book, the collection has got things to attract readers from different sections of choices – serious readers as well as casual readers of poetry – something for everyone!

“Past is past, future is not for us to see,
We will become what we have to be.
Be detached about the results, the Lord said,
For all of your actions, you will be paid,
So be mature, don’t worry, patience is the master key.”

This is a very remarkable feature in the collection by Abhishek is that you don’t have to busy your head in thinking and then decoding the poems – you can just be sure of what you are reading and seeing in front of your eyes. The poet has tried to be simplistic and minimal (in the terms of his expression) so that he can convey in a convenient way – for the poet as well as for the readers of his poetry.

The poem Memoir of a Currency Note details the qualifications of the poet and represents his skills of personification at its best! He seems to have taken the soul of a currency note and then telling the readers what he feels; it might be a humorous poem for some people but for some, it might storm various abstract ideas as well.

The poetry by Abhishek Goswami is remarkable keeping the fact in mind that The Lonely Drummer and Other Poems is his very first poetry collection! It has the audacity what we expect of a collection. It communicates with the readers and conveys the thoughts of a poet in a very straightforward manner which is a good thing because the readers seldom boggle their heads with books these days. He has written about various themes in his debut collection and his attempts are all valid and genuine. He has been honest to admit the lapses that we have as humans but he has equally been determined in embracing the fact that we humans are capable of feats once we acknowledge who we are! His poems have the certain tenets of rise and fall and he takes the readers to a sure wonder-ride with his words; we have the chances of letting ourselves dip in the philosophy; we have the opportunities of letting ourselves rise in chaos; we have the chances of revelling in the wilderness that our saviour is yet to come…. The poetry seems wonderful tool in the hands of this wonderful poet who has just shown wonders in his first attempt at formal poetry writing.

True; true that his poems have certain lapses at times but as a poet, a person can seldom be perfect. Some go for the musical rhetoric and some other go for the matter. Abhishek Goswami has tried to go with the both and somewhere the effect has to be seen and we can see that. Nevertheless, it does not take away anything from the poet because he has been otherwise wonderful in creating a channel of poetry between him and the readers which is rather pleasant to be commuted! You can get a copy for yourself from Amazon India and read and enjoy the poems by Abhishek Goswami:

Abhishek’s The Lonely Drummer and Other Poems on Amazon

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