Is Goodreads Useful for Authors?

How to get reviews on Goodreads

Goodreads has emerged as one of the largest (in fact, the largest) platform in the world for book lovers. On Goodreads, a reader can not only find the next good book to read but many other things. Readers can connect with other readers across the world and they can also interact directly with their favourite authors. For a reader, if there is any heaven (metaphorically) on the web, that is undoubtedly Goodreads! However, does Goodreads have something for the authors too? Do authors also get tools and features to add a boost to their writing career? In this article, we will talk about Goodreads for an author. And the main focus of any author who is registered on Goodreads, without a doubt, is getting reviews. And the popular question – how to get Goodreads reviews, will be answered in this article.

Create an Author Profile:
First of all, you will need to create an author profile on Goodreads. It will get approved within 1-3 days. Once that happens, you will need to get it polished by some professionals or maybe by yourself if you have that time. However, getting these things done by book promotion agencies is always wonderful. You can consider BookBoys PR to do the job.

Select the book to get reviews:
Once you are sure of the book you would like to get reviewed, you will need to put it on giveaway mode. With this, Goodreads might help you itself. However, if the services are costly, you can always consider some alternate methods of giveaways. If you offer your book for free, the readers are likely to get attracted to it and if they like what they read, you might be getting reviews on a ration of 8:1 – it means, out of the 8 readers who read your book, one reader might review your book. To make the ratio 10:10, you will need to contact a good and reliable book marketing agency in India.

Are Goodreads reviews helpful?
Because many readers are on Goodreads who might be your next readers, Goodreads reviews always matter… these reviews will help your book getting noticed by the willful readers who might be interested in the genre your book is symmetrical with. Moreover, Goodreads also shares (rumoured) its data with Amazon and helps Amazon bookstore in managing the books rank and highlight. So, you have the double opportunity; do you see?

Authors must get their profiles on Goodreads matched with the latest data. They should add their website, Twitter and Facebook handle as well as regular blogs. Participating in forums, offering open Q & A sessions will also work in getting the attention of the readers on Goodreads. You can get all these things done by yourself or with the help of your friends. However, if you want to get professional help with your book and author branding, you can always contact the BookBoys Team – [email protected]

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