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Indicting Goliath – Review

Indicting Goliath review
Indicting Goliath
Lal Bhatia
Notion Press
July 2018

Lal Bhatia's Indicting Goliath is a book based on the true events which he has lived in the USA - the prison, the torture, the injustice. This book will let the readers know how the USA tried to cover a billion dollar money-laundering case and falsely accuse and punish the whistleblower in turn! A must-read book which does not lack in thrill and excitement despite being a non-fiction.

Title – Indicting Goliath
Written by – Lal Bhatia
Publisher – Notion Press
Year of publication – 2018
Pages – 278
Genre – autobiographical
Ideal Read for – readers interested in reading real stories or real people’s life-struggles
Rating – 5/5 stars!
Instant Review – unmissable!

Very few are the books which instantly touch the underlying layers of your consciousness and you just set yourself to read the book with care, intention and interest. Indicting Goliath by Lal Bhatia is one of those books; it tells the story of a person who fought the battle which most of us would have thought to be lost the very moment it started. Indicting Goliath tells the story of Lal Bhatia’s troubled days – the days when he was trapped, falsely indicted, illegally trialled and tortured by the corrupts to hide a case of massive fraud and money laundering worth a billion.

The entire book is based on facts, facts that are established by the documents coming from the government itself. Lal Bhatia uses these documents to put his version of the case in front of the readers. You can find a list of references at the end of the book so that, if you wish, you can countercheck the facts provided in the book.

So, to begin, you will come to know about a very well-known and later notorious bank, BCCI. You will get to know about its roots and its origins. Then you will know about a few individuals who are termed as crooked by Lal and then proved by him likewise. After that, you will also get to know about the corrupts inside the system – department of justice, the USA and the FBI. These people made sure that Lal Bhatia remains in prison for long.

However, other than the cases of corruption and fraud and crime, you will also get to know about the resolve of the author, Lal Bhatia, who kept on working and collecting evidence while he was in prison. The story is quite interesting and very thrilling as well. In spite of the tortures and the sufferings that he had to undergo, Lal continued his fight for justice and today, he stands at an advantageous position from where he can only win!

Indicting Goliath puts a very big and serious question mark on the Justice Department of the USA. Lal’s bold writings and difficult questions come up in the chapter Knock… Knock… Can American Justice be Prostituted? You will appreciate the force and the intensity with which the arguments are presented. And the accusations are not based on assumptions or misinformation! You can see all the documents in the appendix to the book and you must see them when you finish reading the book…

More than an autobiographical account, Indicting Goliath becomes a document which proves that the oldest democracy in the world does not have a system which is immune to corruption! USA is as corrupt (or even more) as the nations in the third rank column. You just cannot ignore the book… get your copy right now and know about an Indian hero who battled the system alone! you can buy the book from the link below – Amazon India:

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review by Gaurav for Book Reviews Lab

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