Despite Stolen Dreams

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Despite Stolen Dreams
Anita Krishan
Literary Fiction
FingerPrint Publisher
25 July 2017

Despite Stolen Dreams is weaved around the issue of violence and terrorism in the Kashmir valley. It tells the story of Wali and his family. Wali Khan is a Kashmiri man who has to run away from his homeland because of terrorists. He comes to Delhi and there everything takes place that you need to know... read the review on Book Reviews Lab.

Grab a copy now; you don’t wanna miss this complex fiction which has created ripples among the readers on a mass scale! Despite Stolen Dreams is the latest novel written by author Anita Krishan and she has perhaps done the best of her in this piece of literature by her. A compelling tale of a terror-struck family, Wali and his relatives, will insinuate emotional chaos inside you, I am sure about that. It took me about three days reading this novel and I did it deliberately because I did not want to miss any part of it whatsoever and the language in which it has been written (of course English, I am talking of something else – the writing style) is delightful!

Despite Stolen Dreams begins in the valley of Kashmir and we get to know the backdrop of terrorism. And then it happens – Wali Khan, the central protagonist, has to save his as well as his family members’ life by ensuring they don’t have a tail when they are leaving Kashmir (for a long duration). And once in Delhi, things begin a new for Wali and his family. They are far beyond the grip of terrorists and can breathe easy but Wali doesn’t do so for a while unless he meets Kashmira and then they go on a happiness hunting together. You will love reading those chapters. Wali’s daughter secures her admission in AIIMS and she grows young and is given the freedom to choose her life partner… but, does the thing remain something like ‘happy’ in the fiction? Wali is once again trapped in terrorism and there I will leave you. You need to read this novel to know what happens with Wali and his family.

There are more than many reasons to read Anita Krishan’s modern classic piece Despite Stolen Dreams. It does not only give us the terror story and what hatches in the backyard but also tries to offer a vision – hatred can be cured with love! We see a terrorist in this novel, Shakeel and he is hunted by his own nobility. He mulls whether all this violence and hatred and brutality are justified or not and he makes the big call…

Readers, such novels are rarely produced in the contemporary literature and you have to read it! Anita is trying to offer her contribution to the shrinking spectrum of Indian English fiction and she has indeed widened the area. Her theme is serious and her plot untouched and unique. The most unique and remarkable thing about Despite Stolen Dreams is the beauty of the narrative. It will remind the serious readers of those golden pages of the Victorian fiction (though the context is certainly changed). A beautiful and wonderful package which will suit the readers’ mind irrespective of the age or likening. A must read!

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