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Selected Stories by Anton Chekhov

Selected Short Stories by Chekhov
Selected Stories of Anton Chekov Book Cover Selected Stories of Anton Chekov
Anton Chekhov
Modern Library
July 29, 2009

Some of the best short stories ever produced... you will certainly enjoy the selection to the fullest!

Short Stories by Anton Chekhov are something which can rapidly take the readers into some kind of grip which does never let them go – even after the stories are over and the reader moves ahead to reading different books… such is the charm and high magic of the short stories by Chekhov! I have felt it and that’s why I am praising them to the throat level because I really liked them! Chekhov is someone who knows too much about human emotions and also has the mastery over the art of storytelling! And all his knowledge he puts into his short stories to make them something so wonderful that readers might only be reading them and have no chance except praising them to the full!

Anton Chekhov writes with a kind of unrest in his narrative, in most of his short stories. And that very unrest becomes the USP of the author and he can connect easily with the readers because most of us are often with some kind of internal conflict and unrest within us. The Grasshopper, a very much celebrated short story by Chekhov is an example of the same. How much do we crave for newness? Now don’t say we don’t because we do and being tied to the same rope often makes us feel overworked and overdone and the same was being felt by the lady who was swaying between fancy and the rigid fact of life. She realises this only when her husband is dead and the artist is long gone with some new ‘art’. And this happens most often in the general public’s life, doesn’t it?

Chekhov’s understanding of restless human emotions was unparalleled and this is what he used while writing his stories. Sarcasm was sometimes seen and sometimes cynicism also peeps from the far-windows in his works. He wrote some of the shortest short stories and some were rather longer that readers become too eager to end soon. Whatever the length of the stories is, we are fancied reading all of them and at the end of a story, we often feel and we often think and we often ponder too because the short stories by Anton Chekhov are something which remains with us even beyond the text.

To all the short story readers out there – if you did not read the short stories by Chekhov, you probably read nothing of that sort and you have to read the story to know exactly why do his admirers often praise him. Happy reading!

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