One Indian Girl

One Indian Girl
One Indian Girl
Chetan Bhagat
Rupa & Co.

The worst book which could be written by any authour about any Indian girl whatsoever! Don't try reading this or you will worry about your time wasted later!

Well, I won’t be calling One Indian Girl a novel at all! It fails all in all and I could have given this novel a rating beginning and ending at zero but unfortunately cannot do because my program doesn’t allow me that luxury! What does Chetan Bhagat think, according to me, might be termed as the coming sentence – the life begins at IIM and moves steadily across different heavy-named organisations and that’s all – affair, a lot of sex, a little (just to make it look like a novel) seriousness in the plot. Novel is done! Readers, I sincerely regret for all those, including me, who have read this novel!

The perception of a girl has been very bizarre at times by the authors since long long times and it dates back even to the age of Plato. It was Plato who told that he is proud and lucky enough that he wasn’t born a girl! I won’t say that Chetan ji is misogynist because he has given the command of his novel’s narrative to a woman named Radhika! But, unfortunately, rather than writing about the experience of being a woman or a girl as he calls it, One Indian Girl, he has rather told her sexperience which is rather amusing and a disgrace!

Radhika is seldom found in India as she is often shown on business trips in Hong Kong or working in London or different places. And to the surprise of me, Radhika is somewhat portrayed as so naïve a girl that she even sleeps with a person almost double her age! I won’t get into the details of the story as there is nothing to be detailed! It’s a derailed sexy story which you might well be reading in a roadside 5-rs novel which you can get on railway stations or roadside magazine stalls! Just the spice of a lucrative cover and a name of the publisher and finally, the name of the author Chetan Bhagat makes it a book read be millions (am I exaggerating?).

To conclude, the novel is seldom a novel! I could not find anything particular about the Indian girl that Chetan ji has portrayed which could be mentioned except her journey of life with different people and most often in bed with them! I did not like the novel! And I will honestly and frankly tell people they should not invest their important time reading this novel because there are many better books waiting to be read! Read those instead and spare this extraordinarily faltu book!

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