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Indian English fiction has been through many phases. At various occasions, many authors have emerged to write for a particular audience and thus establish their identity in a single genre. However, there also have been the authors who have managed to keep a wider audience stuck with themselves for a longer period of time and delivered very rich content. In this modern age of hybrid writing, an author has to cater to the interests and taste of different kinds of audience at once. Only then the chances of success are there. Today, we rarely find the authors who can manage to deliver their messages as well as provide an entertaining piece for the readers. Today, let us get introduced to one such author Pravin Anand. He is the author of three romantic novels, I Love You More Than Anyone Else, Mars, Love & BreakUp, Mumtaz and Taj Mahal.

The best thing about Pravin Anand’s writing is that he focuses on keeping things simple. He does not aim to make his narrative lofty and hyper-standard; his simple goal is reaching a wider audience and serving them with the important messages underneath his entertaining piece of writing. His latest novel Mumtaz and Taj Mahal is a great example of this philosophy on which his writings are mostly based. In another popular novel by him, Mars, Love and BreakUp, Pravin delivers the message which emphasises on the importance of love. On the other hand, his space-exploration novel keeps the readers hooked with the narrative as well.

Well, one can agree or disagree with Pravin’s style of writing, but it is for certain that one cannot ignore his style of writing. He picks simple words to depict the world of his fiction. He sticks to the aim of fiction rather than being gaudy and extravagant with his style and narrative. One can, therefore, declare safely that Pravin Anand is a simple novelist with his choices and selections.

Personal Life:
Born and raised in UP (Uttar Pradesh), Pravin is a serving BDO in the same state. He has done his initial studies in Kanpur and then went to Prayagraj (Allahabad erstwhile) to complete his Masters in Business Administration. However, in spite of his credentials, he rather joined government services and in 2002, he was appointed as a BDO. The first inspirations of writing came to Pravin Anand in form of publications of two of his short stories in Mukta and Meri Saheli in 1993 and 1995 respectively. He kept on writing and did not stop and still continues to do so. Other than three books he wrote, he also produces articles and literary pieces of newspapers and magazines.

You can know more about him by visiting his website – Author Pravin Anand


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